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Sales case: Motor for retrofitting Fiido e-bikes

  • 2023-06-19

John Paul Bacani is a customer from the United Arab Emirates. He runs an electric bicycle repair shop locally. He wants to modify the Fiido electric bike for the customer and needs a more powerful motor.

Sales Case: Mid-mounted motor for electric motor conversion

  • 2023-06-16

Phoung Dinh is an electric motorcycle enthusiast and likes to modify electric motorcycles. Recently, he wants to replace his electric motorcycle with a new motor.

Sales case: high-quality drive axles

  • 2023-06-12

Albertde Rueda Angel is a Spanish intermediary dedicated to finding high-quality components that can meet the diverse needs of clients. Recently, he needed to source a batch of high-quality transaxles for his project.

Sales case: Mid-drive motors for retrofitting electric motorcycles

  • 2023-06-06

Abishek Dahal is an electric motorcycle conversion enthusiast, and he recently needed a powerful mid-drive motor to modify his electric motorcycle.

Sales case: Mecanum wheel for all wheeled robots

  • 2023-05-24

Amir Nagshineh's company specializes in the development, production and sales of various types of robots, especially wheeled robots. Recently, his company wanted to develop an omnidirectional robot with a new configuration, so he needed to find a new motor for it.

Sales case: Motor for Fiido Electric Scooter

  • 2023-05-17

A well-known retailer from the Philippines wanted to find a motor for Fiido electric scooters due to a partnership with the Fiido brand.

Sales case: wheelchair motor for wheelchair manufacturing

  • 2023-05-15

A wheelchair manufacturer from Iran was looking for a motor that could meet his need to reduce costs because of the price increase of the original supplier's products.

Sales case: Hub motor for electric tricycle

  • 2023-04-28

Brunei customer Amirul's daughter is getting married, and he wants to prepare an electric tricycle as a special wedding gift. He needs a high-power hub motor to ensure the smooth operation of the electric tricycle.

Sales case: Integrated wheels for vehicle design and modification

  • 2023-04-26

Amir Naghshineh, a customer from the US who runs an electronics repair shop locally, was looking for an integrated hub motor for his tuned car.

Sales Case: Hub Motor for Trolley

  • 2023-03-09

Matthew is engaged in the manufacture and sales of trolleys. Due to the adjustment of the company's development plan, he is looking for a batch of new motor kits. In 2020, he contacted us through Alibaba Lunyee's website to inquire about hub motors.


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