Sales Case: Hub Motor for Trolley

1: Background introduction

Matthew Holden, a customer from the United Kingdom, sent an enquiry on Alibaba Lunyee's platform on Tuesday, Nov 10, 2020, saying he wanted to buy a hub motor kit. After seeing his message, we immediately replied to him and asked him about his needs. During the follow-up communication, we learned that Matthew's company is a company with many years of experience in manufacturing and selling trolleys. As the end of the year was approaching, the company adjusted its development strategy for the New Year and planned to start producing and selling electric trolleys in the new year, but the previous motor kits did not match the new products in terms of type and size, so he planned to purchase a new motor kit for testing and adjust the company's development plan according to the subsequent test results.

2: Customer needs

According to Matthew, most of the hub motors used by their company before are 11 inches and 9 inches, and this year they even launched a 4-inch small trolley. However, some customers had a bad experience after buying their company's trolley and gave bad comments on the company's website, which brought them some bad influence. After investigation, they learned that some of their customers thought their company's wheelbarrows were too small, which made them extremely uncomfortable to use on some uneven terrain, and that the torque was also low, making it difficult to load heavy items. To solve this problem, they plan to make a batch of electric trolleys with larger wheels and high torque. In addition to the size requirement, Matthew said that since he bought the electrode kit after this time for testing, he wanted to buy a kit with smooth running, good starting and braking effect, fast response time, and high starting torque.

3: Solutions

After carefully understanding Matthew's needs, we recommended two types of hub motors to him. The first one is 24/36/48V250/350W14inch integral hub motor. This motor uses a 14 inch rim, which is perfect for use on complex terrain and solves the problem of a poor sense of use of small wheels on complex terrain. In addition, this kit uses a brushed motor with high torque, high precision, water and dust resistance, smooth operation and fast response. The second electrode kit we recommend is the 24/36/48V 300-500W 14.5inch geared hub motor . This motor also uses large rims and also has the advantages of high torque, smooth operation and fast response. In addition, this hub kit uses high-quality rubber tires and aluminum alloy to reduce weight while being more wear-resistant and non-slip. Matthew thought that both of the kits we recommended met his needs very well, and after consideration, he finally chose the second one.

4: Customer testimonials

After receiving our product, Matthew used it immediately. They tested it several times on various terrains and the cart was running smoothly. In addition to that he also appreciated our after-sales service, he said our products support customized waterproof plug, he asked the after-sales related questions many times, and the after-sales also replied patiently. In the future, if their electric trolleys are mass produced, he will come back to buy them. He believes that after using Lunyee's hub motor, they will be able to solve some of the customer's feedback problems.

5: Other applications

Lunyee's wheel motor kits play an important role not only in the cart manufacturing industry but also in other industries, such as electric unicycles, electric bicycles, scooters, electric motor trams, etc.

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