Sales case: Mid-drive motors for retrofitting electric motorcycles

Client Background

Abishek Dahal is an electric motorcycle tuner with a passion for tuning mobility vehicles with different types of motors. He has been actively involved in various tuning events and has made many like-minded friends. He regularly competes with other tuner enthusiasts. His experience with various motor types has given him an in-depth understanding of their advantages and disadvantages.

Customer's needs

Abishek Dahal has been using hub motors primarily for electric motorcycle conversions because of their low maintenance, compact size, and mobile use. However, as tuning technology advanced and racing interest grew, he began to realize the limitations of hub motor tuning, including drawbacks such as poor heat dissipation and less-than-ideal acceleration. He expressed the need for a more powerful 72V mid-drive motor to replace the original hub motor, which would provide better performance in climbing and acceleration situations during races.

Program Recommendations

After gaining an in-depth understanding of Abishek Dahal's racing needs and preferences, we recommended a high-powered 4000W mid-drive motor with a voltage of 72V. This motor offers several advantages over hub motors: Higher torque and acceleration: The mid-drive motor provides greater torque and acceleration, which is critical for racing and hill climbing.

Better handling and stability: The positioning of the motor improves the overall balance of the bike, resulting in better handling and stability during the race.

Improved heat dissipation: Unlike hub motors, mid-drive motors offer better heat dissipation, preventing overheating problems and ensuring consistent performance.

Customer Testimonials

In communicating with Abishek Dahal, we encountered several challenges, such as addressing his concerns about the ease of installation and compatibility of the mid-drive motor with his existing battery system. Our technical team provided detailed guidance and assurance to address his concerns and ensure a seamless transition from the hub motor to the mid-motor system.

After receiving the mid-drive motor, Abishek Dahal was delighted with the improved performance of the electric motorcycle. He told us that he was pleasantly surprised by the significantly improved climbing ability and acceleration of the electric motorcycle after the motor modification. In addition, he appreciated the improved handling stability, which made his electric motorcycle more enjoyable and safer to ride during the race.

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