Sales Case: Mid-mounted motor for electric motor conversion

Customer Background

Phoung Dinh is an electric motorcycle enthusiast from the United States. He likes to experience the joy of riding outdoors with his friends who also love electric motorcycles. In addition, he is also passionate about modifying electric motorcycles and has rich experience in modifying them. Recently, Phoung Dinh wanted to replace his electric motorcycle with a new motor to replace the original rear hub motor. He saw the mid-mounted motor from the Lunyee platform, so he contacted us on September 3, 2022 to ask questions about the mid-mounted motor.

Customer Needs

After initial communication, we understood that Phoung Dinh needed a mid-mount motor that would provide him with better performance and handling than the rear hub motor he was currently using. He wanted a powerful, high-revving motor that could handle steep hills and provide him with a thrilling ride. On top of that he said that since he is a tuning enthusiast, he will probably change motors frequently, so he wanted a motor we recommended that was easy to install and maintain and had good compatibility to allow for more flexibility in terms of wheel size, frame geometry and other components.

Solution recommendation

Based on Phoung Dinh's needs, we recommended the Quanshun 12" 72V 4000W mid-mounted motor. Designed for high performance electric motorcycles, this motor has an output of 4000 watts, making it a very powerful performance motor. It also has a top speed of over 100 km/h, which will give Phoung Dinh the high-speed performance he is looking for. Besides, our mid-mounted motor can offer easy-to-improve performance, high handling, and durability and reliability. The motor's high power and high speed capabilities provide Phoung Dinh with a thrilling riding experience, while the mid-mount configuration improves weight distribution and handling. The motor's durability and reliability ensure that it will last for years without breaking easily. In addition, this motor is extremely compatible and will not cause problems with the conversion of the Phoung Dinh. After finalizing the solution, our sales team provided Phoung Dinh with detailed information about the motor, including its specifications, installation requirements, and maintenance procedures. We also provided after-sales support to ensure he was satisfied with the product and its performance.

Customer Testimonials

Phoung Dinh was very satisfied with the Transit mid-mounted motor we recommended. He found that the motor provided the high speed and power performance he was looking for, and was impressed with its durability and reliability. The mid-mounted design also provided better weight distribution and handling, which improved the overall performance of his electric motorcycle. He appreciated the detailed information and support provided by our sales team and said he would consider using our services again in the future.

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