Sales case: Geared hub motors for industrial trolleys

Client Background

Donald Little is an American manufacturer of agricultural vehicles. With their proven track record of producing quality harvesters, planters, three-wheelers, and four-wheeled transporters, the company has built a solid reputation in the agricultural industry. Their agricultural vehicle products have been individually customized according to different production habits at home and abroad, which has accumulated a wide range of domestic and international customers for them and enabled them to sell their products worldwide.

Customer Needs

According to Donald Littl, their company plans to expand the product line this year. In keeping with their growth strategy, Donald Little decided to expand their product offering by developing a line of industrial trolleys. To achieve this goal, they needed a reliable supplier of trolley motors with specific parameters that would meet their production needs. Specifically, they needed an 8-inch, 36-volt, geared motor with a motor power of 350W and a speed of 270 rpm. The motor was also required to have a waterproof line, a tire width of 70 mm, and a motor shaft length of 178 mm. According to Donald Little, they have recently communicated with several suppliers but have not been able to find a fully satisfactory product, and he hopes we can give him a high-quality solution.

Program Recommendations

After confirming Donald Little's requirements, we immediately contacted the factory to communicate. After confirming with the factory the feasibility of custom production, we immediately contacted Donald Little to propose a custom geared hub motor solution that would meet their exact specifications, in addition to sending samples for testing. Our team worked closely with our factory during this time, maintaining constant communication to ensure that the production of the required motor went according to plan. Once the motors were produced and tested in-house, we contacted Donald Little and offered to send samples as soon as the test results were correct.

After receiving the samples, Donald Little was pleased to find that our products met their requirements in terms of parameters. So they immediately placed an order for a batch of motors.

Customer Testimonials

Donald Little appreciated the custom solution we provided, as it allowed them to move forward smoothly with their industrial trolley production schedule.

Challenges and Solutions

During communication with Donald Little, we encountered several challenges. One of the main issues was ensuring timely delivery of the samples, as the company had a tight deadline. To address this issue, we accelerated the production and shipping processes to ensure Donald Little received the samples as soon as possible, which ultimately also ensured a successful delivery within the deadline.

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