Sales case: Integrated wheels for vehicle design and modification

Client Background

Amir Naghshineh is a customer from the United States who is a fan of designing and modifying vehicles. He runs a local electronics repair store, specializing in repairing and handling automation products. Amir Naghshineh contacted us through on March 3, 2022, asking about our integrated wheel products. During the follow-up communication, we learned that Amir Naghshineh needs to attend a tuner show in the future and that he is looking for a 24V 500W integrated wheels motor for his tuner car, which needs to be equipped with the necessary accessories such as a front wheel, controller, handlebars, and brakes. Besides, he especially emphasized that the front wheel must be a single axle.

Customer Needs

Amir Naghshineh has high expectations for his upcoming tuner show event, and he has recently been looking for quality, reliable components to realize his vision. He needed a front wheel with a single axle that could be integrated with the motor, controller, handlebars, and brakes to provide seamless functionality. Beyond that, he wanted the integrated wheels to be practical and aesthetically pleasing. As a participant in the Tuning Car Show, Amir Naghshineh still hopes that the vehicle he designed and modified will be liked by everyone at the show.

Program Recommendations

After understanding Amir Naghshineh's specific requirements, we recommended our 24V500W front wheel integrated system, a set that includes a motor, controller, handlebars, brakes, and other accessories. The system uses a single-axle front wheel to meet his specific requirements. The system is easy to install and comes with everything needed to ensure seamless functionality. The system also provides the efficiency, reliability, and durability that are essential for Amir Naghshineh's upcoming tuner events. To further meet Amir Naaghshineh's needs, we also offered custom design options to ensure the product matched his aesthetic preferences. We provided him with a wide selection of wheel designs and colors, as well as other components, allowing him to create a truly unique and visually appealing vehicle.

Customer Testimonials

Amir Naaghshineh was very pleased with the products and services we provided. He appreciated our attention to detail and willingness to customize the product to meet his specific needs. He was impressed with the efficiency and reliability of the system and praised its high performance. Amir Naghshineh successfully participated in his tuning car event with the help of our products, which he said exceeded his expectations. He highly recommends our products to his friends and tuner car enthusiasts and plans to work with us again in the future.

Other Applications

Integrated hubs are commonly used in a variety of industrial and commercial applications where there is a need for efficient and reliable power transfer to the wheels.

  • Automotive: Integrated wheels are commonly used in a variety of automotive applications, such as power transmission to the wheels, suspension and steering systems.
  • Robotics: In robotics applications, integrated wheels are used to provide mobility and stability to the robot while ensuring precise control and movement.
  • Material handling: In material handling applications such as conveyor systems, integrated wheels are used to transport materials efficiently and safely.
  • Aerospace: In aerospace applications, integrated wheels are used in aircraft landing gear and other systems where reliability and performance are critical.
  • Agriculture: In agricultural applications, integrated hubs are used in equipment such as tractors and harvesters to provide power transmission to the wheels and improve maneuverability.
  • Industrial machinery: Integrated hubs are also used in a variety of industrial machinery applications, such as cranes, forklifts, and other heavy equipment, to provide efficient and reliable power transmission to the wheels.

Overall, integrated wheels are used in a wide range of industries and equipment where efficient and reliable power transfer to the wheels is required to improve performance, mobility, and safety.

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