Sales case: Mecanum wheel for all wheeled robots

Client Background

Amir Nagshineh has many years of experience working in the robotics industry and has very strong theoretical and practical knowledge of robotics. Their company focuses on the development, production, and sales of all types of robots, with particular expertise in the development and production of wheeled robots that have been used in a wide range of industries, including mining operations and cargo transportation. Most recently, Amir has been working on the development of an omnidirectional robot in a four-wheel configuration designed to improve mobility in complex environments.

Customer Needs

During our initial communication with Amir Naghshineh, it was clear that they had specific requirements for the Mecanum wheel for the new omnidirectional robot. Amir had been looking for a 24 volt, 100 watt Mecanum wheel with a reduction ratio of 1:47 and a torque of 145.4 kg. In addition, we had some challenges in the communication process. They wanted to test the load range of this robot, and after careful communication with the company's R&D team, we confirmed that Amir Naghshineh's torque requirements were too high for a Mecanum wheel of this size to meet his needs. However, as the vectors generated by each wheel cancel each other out, resulting in insufficient torque, the current technology of the Mecanum wheel is not enough to solve this problem. After our explanation and introduction, Amir expressed his understanding, which is consistent with the response he received from other merchants before, and he said they would reduce the load on the follow-up test.

Solution Recommendation

Our sales team quickly engaged in an in-depth discussion with Amir to better meet his needs. After analyzing the situation, our team proposed alternative solutions to better address the torque issue and improve the overall performance of the omnidirectional robot while meeting other parameters. In addition, our engineering team suggested advanced control algorithms to optimize the power distribution to each wheel and improve the overall mobility of the robot in complex environments. This will allow the robot to carry heavier loads without sacrificing agility and maneuverability.

Customer Testimonials

Amir Nagshineh appreciated our team's proactive communication and efforts to understand their specific requirements. Despite some initial technical difficulties, our sales and engineering teams worked closely with Amir to ensure a smooth transaction process and to address any concerns he had. After implementing the solution we proposed, Amir reported back that their wheeled robot was working well and performing as they had expected.

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