Sales case: Motor for Fiido Electric Scooter

Client Background

Kenneth Chua is a well-known local retailer based in the Philippines, specializing in the electric vehicle and automotive products industries. He recently formed a partnership with the Fiido brand to become their official middleman in the Philippines. According to Kenneth Chua, since 2022, the Philippine government has introduced a series of decrees, incentives, and measures to support the development of batteries, charging pads, and other related industries. The government has even reduced the tariff on electric vehicles to zero, which has greatly boosted the popularity of electric vehicles in the country.

Customer Needs

Kenneth Chua contacted us via WhatsApp in March 2023 about purchasing a batch of 12 inch motors for the Fiido Electric Scooter. He specifically needed a batch of motors with 48V and 1500W power loss, as well as the freedom to customize engraving items on the motors. We encountered several challenges in communicating with Kenneth Chua, such as language barriers and clarification of technical specifications. In order to overcome these issues and provide him with better service, we provided detailed product information, clear illustrations, and videos related to the motors for his reference, as well as multiple communication channels to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

Solution Recommendation

After understanding and confirming Kenneth Chua's needs, our sales team created a customized solution for him. We recommended a 12-inch hub motor in the solution. This motor has the required 48V and 1500W power output and also supports lettering. In addition, we provided full technical support to ensure that our motor was compatible with the Fiido Electric Scooter. The motor mentioned in our solution offers several advantages, such as high energy efficiency, thus reducing energy consumption and operating costs for the end user. The compact and lightweight design makes the electric scooter easier to maneuver and maintain. Rugged construction ensures a longer service life and reduced maintenance costs.

Customer Testimonials

Kenneth Chua was very satisfied with the solution we proposed and immediately ordered a batch of 12-inch motors. After receiving the product, he was satisfied with the quality of the motors and their compatibility with the Fiido Electric Scooter. He also praised our communication and support throughout the process. He also said that he would buy again in the future if there was a need for more.

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