Sales case: Hub motor for electric tricycle

Customer Background Introduction

Amirul is an intermediary in Brunei who has been distributing industrial products in the region for many years. He is known for his commitment to providing quality goods to his customers, which has helped him maintain a good reputation in the local market. Recently, Amirul's daughter was getting married, and he wanted to prepare an electric tricycle as a special wedding gift. However, he needed a high-powered hub motor to ensure that the tricycle could run smoothly and reliably in its activities.

Customer Requirements

Amirul needed a reliable and efficient high-power hub motor that could withstand the weight of an electric tricycle and ensure a smooth ride during his daughter's wedding. He is also looking for a motor that is easy to install and needs minimal maintenance in the future. As a middleman in the region, he is also interested in finding a supplier he can trust to deliver high-quality products for future sales.

Solution Recommendations

Our sales team recommended a 60V, 1000W hub motor with drum brakes for Amirul. We explain how this motor provides the power needed to operate the electric tricycle smoothly and reliably during a wedding. Drum brakes will also increase rider safety and comfort. We also highlight other features of the motor, such as ease of installation and low maintenance requirements. Our products meet all of Amirul's requirements, and he believes that this is the right solution for his needs.

Customer Reviews

Amirul was very satisfied with the performance of the product after using the hub motor in her daughter's electric tricycle. He appreciated the high power our motor could provide, he needed it to run smoothly during his wedding. He was also impressed by the safety features of the drum brake, which made the rider's experience more comfortable. Amirul sent us a picture of an electric tricycle with an elegant look. After the wedding, as our products were in line with his expectations, he soon decided to buy a batch of hub motors to increase his inventory.

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