Sales case: wheelchair motor for wheelchair manufacturing

Customer background

Saeed is a wheelchair manufacturer from Iran who has been working in the industry for several years and has very professional knowledge of wheelchairs. Their company specializes in producing high quality wheelchairs for people with disabilities, and the wheelchairs have been sold not only locally but also worldwide with good feedback. Recently, Saeed had to increase the price of wheelchairs due to the increase in raw materials, but Saeed found that with the increase in prices, the sales of their products were decreasing, although the trend was not very pronounced, but it was also causing them some losses. So Saeed was looking for ways to reduce costs, and he wanted to find a motor that would meet his needs to reduce costs.

Customer needs

Saeed said that his previous supplier was asking a high price for the motor, which exceeded Saeed's expected cost, so he had to switch to a new supplier who would be able to reduce the cost as much as possible without compromising the quality of his wheelchair.

Solution recommendation

After Saeed sent an inquiry about wheelchair motors, our sales team immediately got in touch with him. After learning more about his needs, we asked Saeed about the parameters of his previous motor to better match his needs, and Saeed told us that one of his previous motors was 120 rpm and had a torque of 0.64N.m or more. With this information in hand, we immediately matched it to our products and provided recommendations based on our extensive product knowledge and industry experience. We recommended to him a lithium battery wheelchair motor with an electromagnetic brake with handbrake. The motor met Saeed's needs in terms of torque and speed, and the price was good, and Saeed was very satisfied with the discounted price due to the campaign discount period.

Customer Testimonials

After receiving the solution from us, Saeed was so satisfied that he placed an order for it. After receiving the product, he said it met his expectations and was a good match for his company's wheelchairs. He also thanked our sales team for their prompt response to his message. Saeed said that our wheelchair motors have provided him with many benefits. First and most importantly, the motor is much cheaper than his previous supplier's motor, which allows him to reduce production costs and pass the savings back to his customers, which helps him compete in the industry and attract more customers. In addition, the motor, despite being cheaper, was no less powerful than the motor they were using before. This helps him maintain his good reputation and attracts new customers.

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