Sales case: high-quality drive axles

Client Background

Albertde Rueda Angel is a Spanish middleman responsible for customer development, vendor communication and interface, programming, product sourcing, and assembly. With a keen interest in products related to the motor industry, he has made a name for himself by always looking for high-quality components that can meet the diverse needs of his customers. Over the years, Albert has developed strong relationships with several manufacturers in the industry and is known for his ability to communicate effectively with them and ensure that their products meet the specific requirements of his customers.

Customer Needs

In February 2023, Albertde Rueda Angel contacted us through to request a quote for a drive axle to their company had received a project for a drive axle, but the customer had high requirements for the drive axle. In order to purchase a high quality drive axle, he recently needed a reliable and high quality product to meet the customer's needs, so he contacted suppliers around the world on multiple platforms to find the most suitable product.


Solution Suggestions

Our sales team recommended a 24v250w drive axle, which is a quality and reliable product with consistent performance. We also recommended matching controllers, handlebars, wheels and chargers to provide a complete package solution for him. Our drive axle is equipped with a powerful 250W motor that provides smooth and efficient power to the wheels for fast acceleration and high speed driving. In addition, our drive axles are designed for durability, ensuring that they will withstand the wear and tear of daily use and last for years to come. After listening to our presentation, Albert was so pleased with the solution we provided that he decided to purchase 10 sets of variable speed drive axle samples to test and evaluate the product.


Customer Reviews

AlbertdeRuedaAngel received the samples and after several tests, he was so satisfied with our products that he decided to purchase 105 more sets. He was impressed with the stability and performance of our drive axles and expressed his willingness to work with us in the future. He even contacted us two weeks later to let us know that his company was planning to grow its wheelchair motor business in the next three months and expressed an interest in working together again.



The drive axle is mainly used in the electric vehicle industry, including electric bikes, electric scooters, and electric tricycles. It is an essential component that transfers power from the motor to the wheel, allowing for the movement of the vehicle. In addition, drive axles can also be used in small electric vehicles, such as golf carts and electric wheelchairs. Overall, the drive axle plays a crucial role in the electric vehicle industry, helping to drive innovation and increase efficiency in transportation.


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