Sales cases: Drive axles for mining trucks

According to Salih, who is from Arabia, he is in charge of the handling of a large mining pit. Hundreds of tons of goods need to be loaded and unloaded every day, and they have several handling vehicles to move these goods, but recently, a large four-wheeler broke down, posing a challenge to the handling work.

Client need

It was understood that they had been involved in hauling for many years, and that the aging trucks often failed when traveling on unpaved inclined roads due to excessive loads, and that the old half-shafts often twisted due to torsional torque strains, causing the trucks to break down affecting subsequent loads, and that the differentials were prone to be damaged on impact.

There are many disadvantages to the work. Since it is costly to re-purchase a new vehicle, they would like to keep it working by overhauling or replacing parts. They planned to replace the rear axle with a new one at a local repair store, but were unable to find a suitable one due to the load. They would like to replace the rear axle with one that is reliable and stable and capable of pulling heavy loads.


After communication, we recommended the Lunyee 5-ton load rear axle, which can transport up to 5 tons of cargo at one time and features a sturdy front and rear axle that ensures smooth operation of the vehicle. Perfect for industrial applications. Our team worked with Salih to finalize the sizing requirements and ensure a smooth integration of the rear axle into the vehicle.


Salih immediately went to the workshop for installation after receiving the goods, and immediately put into the cargo transportation after installation, after many days of work, the vehicles are very stable performance, Salih is very satisfied with our program.

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