Sales case: Wheelchair Hub Motors for Wheelchair Manufacturing

John works for a wheelchair manufacturing company that is one of the leading wheelchair manufacturers in the industry. They have been in business for many years and have a very good reputation in the local area. The company's target market includes people with mobility issues, the elderly and those who need help with transportation.

Customer needs

Through communication with John, we learned that due to the excellent low-speed torque performance and large torque of brushed motors, it would be very easy to go up some small slopes, coupled with the advantages of no inertia for starting and stopping, smooth starting and stopping, and smooth speed change, etc., most of the wheelchair motors in their company use brushed motors. However, with the growth of the use of time, due to the limitations of brushed motors, many customers feedback wheelchair performance deterioration, which has a bad impact on their reputation. And brushed motors are noisy, so the elderly are easily disturbed by the noise when using them. So their company was looking for a reliable and efficient motor for their electric wheelchairs. They need a motor that can provide a smooth, quiet ride, high torque and low power consumption.

Solution Recommendation

After understanding John's needs, we recommended the MT21 style wheelchair hub motor. Designed for wheelchair manufacturers, this motor features a brushless design with a power output of 24V/250W. It provides a smooth, quiet ride with high torque and low power consumption, making it an environmentally friendly choice. With its compact size and simple wiring system, the motor is easy to integrate into existing wheelchair designs. In addition, it requires minimal maintenance, which reduces repairs and downtime.

Problems encountered

In communicating with John, we encountered a number of issues. John was initially concerned about the compatibility of the motor with his existing wheelchair design. However, we were able to address this by providing detailed information about the motor specifications and compatibility features. In addition, John had some questions about the maintenance requirements of the motor, which we answered by providing detailed instructions and guidance.


John looked at the solution we provided and thought it was great and decided to use it in their power wheelchair. Upon receiving the product, they found that the motor provided a smooth, quiet ride with high torque and low power consumption. The installation of the motor was also very easy due to its compact size. He thought the solution we provided was excellent and hoped to have the opportunity to work with Lunyee in the future.

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