Sales case: The mid-drive motor chain kit for an electric motorcycle

Dank Skooterz is an electric motorcycle enthusiast living in the U.S. He has an electric motorcycle that he uses for commuting and is compliant with local traffic laws. Recently, he wanted to experience a more exciting riding experience, so he wanted to modify his electric motorcycle.

Customer needs

Dank was looking for a retrofit solution that would provide a more exciting riding experience without violating local electric motorcycle speed limits. His main requirements were to increase the speed of the vehicle and improve climbing efficiency while maintaining reasonable battery life.

Recommended Programs

Understanding Dank's needs and local regulations, we felt that a lightweight, compact solution would better suit his needs. Therefore, we recommended the 72V, 3000W mid-drive motor kit. The kit increases the motorcycle's top speed to 62 mph and its hill climbing ability to 20 degrees. In addition, the kit has a larger battery capacity and a longer ride time after charging.

The Electric motorcycle motor is lighter and smaller than a hub motor and does not add significant weight or change the overall design of the motorcycle. It also offers high climbing efficiency and good acceleration, two key requirements for the Dank. In addition, the kit supports regenerative braking, an effective feature that further extends battery life by restoring energy during braking.

In communicating with Dank, we needed to ensure that our solution met his performance requirements while complying with local traffic laws. By clearly explaining and providing detailed product specifications, we were able to assure Dank that our mid-drive motor kit was a perfect fit for his needs.


Upon receiving the mid-drive motor kit, Dank immediately installed it on his motorcycle and immediately tested it. The results met his expectations and fulfilled his need for a more exciting riding experience while adhering to local speed limits. He said he would definitely recommend Lunyee products to his friends.

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