Sales case: mid-drive motors for e-bikes

Cole Schaefer, an American e-bike agent, contacted us through Alibaba in June. He saw our products by chance and was interested in our motors. According to him, he recently received an important project, a customer specializing in e-bikes entrusted him to look for a mid-drive motor that can upgrade e-bikes.

Customer needs

Cole's customers have specific requirements for their e-bike upgrades. The mid-drive motor needed to meet performance, quality, and appearance requirements. The motor needed to be silver to match the color of the original e-bike and spec'd at 48V, 2000W, with a temperature sensor. In addition, Cole mentioned the possibility of upgrading the Hall sensors in the future, requiring thicker phase wires. This presented a challenge, as we needed to ensure that our product not only met the performance and aesthetic requirements but was also able to accommodate potential future upgrades.

Recommended Programs

After learning Cole's specifications, we immediately checked with our factory to see if we could meet his requirements since he needed additional customization requirements. Upon receiving confirmation, we quickly responded to Cole with the good news. We recommended a silver center motor that met all of his specifications, including for potential Hall sensors, but it would be a period of time before it could be delivered due to the custom upgrades required for the phase wires. During our interactions with Cole, we were faced with the challenge of ensuring that the mid-drive motor was compatible with the original e-bike. To reassure Cole, we tested the motor after confirming that it would be compatible and promised to test the thicker phase wire mid-drive motor before it was shipped with a corresponding test video.


After receiving and installing our center drive motor, Cole conducted a performance test and was very pleased with the results. He said that our mid-drive motor is very compatible with the original e-bike structure, and the overall appearance of the installed add-on e-bike is beautiful and unobtrusive.

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