Sales case: Kits for e-bikes

Jason is an American buyer who has a favorite electric car, but due to frequent use, the motor on the trolley was suffering from wear and tear and was not performing as well as before. Therefore, he wanted to replace the motor with a new one. After discussing the options, we recommended the 72V/3000W e-bike kit with customizable components to meet his needs.

Customer Needs Analysis

Via Alibaba, we learned that Jason rebuilt an e-bike 5 years ago, and he loved his vehicle so much that he used to take it out for rides, but now that the motor was underpowered and inefficient, his riding experience has deteriorated. He was looking for a kit to breathe new life into his vehicle. It needs at least 3000 W of power for his riding experience. In addition, he also needed the vehicle to have some climbing ability, as he had a need for wild riding. Considering the compatibility of the vehicle, he also wanted to customize components such as the battery and controller.


Recommended Programs

Considering his performance goals, we recommend our 14-inch hub motor kit, which has a voltage of 72V and power of 3000W. No-load speed can reach 120 km/h. The interior includes a 14-inch hub motor, controller, LCD display, brake levers, and disc brakes.

Customized services

Considering Jason's customization needs during the communication process, we identified the components that needed to be optimized based on Jason's needs, and the feasibility of the project was determined by our engineers, who then communicated with the factory in time for production. We were allowed to choose from a variety of battery capacities and types to meet his range of needs. He was able to select mechanical parts that fit his bike frame and wheel size.


Feedback evaluation

Jason was very pleased with the features and customization options of the conversion kit. Our motors provided the required speed and climbing ability. He appreciated our guidance in selecting performance and range optimized components based on his requirements. The compatibility of our kit with his vehicle was excellent.


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