Sales case: Hub motors for retrofitting and upgrading carts

Client need

Joe works for a hand truck business in Chicago, where their company primarily rents manual and electric hand trucks and farm machinery vehicles to a variety of industrial customers and retail stores. Due to business restructuring, the company recently optimized its vehicles. The old-style carts with bulky lead-acid batteries and noisy chain-driven transmissions were unsuitable for modern indoor applications and were taking up valuable cargo space. Already affecting their effectiveness, they decided to redesign and remodel the vehicles to optimize the vehicle loads, thus requiring a compact and powerful motor.


After many communications, we determined that Joe was more concerned about the load of the motor, so we provided him with a higher-power brushless DC hub motor, which has a higher power of 3,000W and is powerful and more energy efficient. It is mounted directly on the wheel, and its sealed structure and compact design also reduce the space occupied by the vehicle. The gear design inside the motor allows the vehicle to produce high torque even at low speeds.


Joe was so pleased with the solution we provided that he tested it immediately after receiving it. The test results showed that the vehicle's torque was significantly increased compared to the previous one, improving the cart's practicality. In addition, as it has no chain, it eliminates the hassle of maintenance and is quieter, even when working indoors.

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