Sales case: Hub motors for high-speed electric bicycles

Electric hub motor technology makes it possible to turn a normal bicycle into an electric bicycle. Hub motors are compact and integrated into the wheel to provide power assistance while riding. When converting a bicycle with electric features, choosing the right hub motor is key to achieving the desired performance.

Client Background

Bruce is a cycling enthusiast who uses his bike primarily for urban commuting and recreation. Recently, he wanted to experience a higher speed and more exciting riding experience. However, the speed of his vehicle was limited, so he purchased some kits in hopes of modifying his vehicle to meet his riding needs. After a successful installation, he decided that the speed still wasn't fast enough, so he wanted to replace the hub motor.

Client request

For his e-bike conversion, Bruce needed a hub motor capable of speeds up to 50 miles per hour. In addition, he required the hub motor to be no larger than 20 inches so that it would fit inside his frame. He wanted the motor to have a relatively large amount of power.

Recommended Solutions

Considering Bruce's bike specs and performance needs, we recommended the 2000w geared high speed hub motor. This hub motor measures 20" and can be mounted inside his frame and is very powerful at 2000w. Best of all, this motor is specifically designed for high speeds up to 62 mph.


Bruce said he was pleasantly surprised that our hub motors were exactly as presented and very fast. He also said that he would introduce Lunyee products to his friends.

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