Sales Case: Electric Flatbed Truck Solution

Client Background

Suwilai Hong is an experienced electric vehicle dealer who runs a business called Spice Electric Vehicle in Bangkok, Thailand. His business focuses on providing electric flatbed solutions to the food and beverage industry, serving a wide range of customers from hotels and restaurants to night market vendors. Demand for his electric flatbeds from these industries has grown in recent years as business activity has recovered.

Customer needs

Suwilai's existing electric flatbed trucks could not meet the changing needs of his customers. His customers often transport large volumes of goods within cities and therefore require higher loads as well as longer vehicle mileage. In addition, different vehicle speeds and the ability to back up were required.

Recommended Programs

After researching our product range and company strengths on the Ali International website, Suwilai contacted us. Through many rounds of communication, we learned about Suwilai's needs in terms of usage environment, load requirements, and battery life. Based on this, we proposed to customize a 48-volt, 1000-watt electric flatbed truck.

The recommended vehicle has a larger battery, which can ensure a range of up to 80 kilometers. With a maximum load capacity of 800kg and a three-speed transmission function, it can be adapted to different usage scenarios. Further customizations include a reverse function, a tempered glass cargo box, and a waterproof canopy to meet Suwilai's specific needs.

One of the challenges we encountered was adapting our product specifications to meet Suwilai's diverse needs. However, through clear communication between both parties, we were able to come up with a solution that met these requirements.


Suwilai found our design solutions well thought out and was reassured by the patience we showed during the customization process. He says our electric flatbed trucks meet his customers' requirements for increased load capacity, range, and speed adjustability.

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