Sales case: 15 inch hub motor for tricycle production

Client Background

Jin Sung is a car modification enthusiast who usually likes to modify various types of electric cars by himself. Due to his high modification skills, he is well known in the area, so he is often approached by people who want to help him modify their vehicles. Recently, he needed to help someone modify a tricycle. For his latest project, he is passionate about designing and building a tricycle that stands out in terms of design and functionality.

Customer needs

Jin Sung's vision for his tricycle project required specific hardware. His main requirement was a 15-inch gearless hub motor with a 48V, 1000W, single-shaft specification. The single-axis design was critical to integrating the motor into his unique tricycle design.

However, Jin Sung was concerned about the adaptability of the pole body. He wasn't sure if it would integrate seamlessly into his design and work properly once installed. His main concern was whether the gearless hub motor would meet his expectations in terms of performance and reliability.

Recommended Programs

In response to Jin Sung's concerns, we recommended a gearless hub motor that perfectly matched his specifications. To ensure compatibility, we discussed in detail the type of rod body he would need and suggested the model that best suited his needs. Additionally, to address his concerns about performance, we arranged to test the motor under conditions similar to those faced by his trike.

One of the main challenges we encountered was convincing Jin Sung of the performance and reliability of our products. To address this, we not only provided in-depth information about our motors but also shared test videos demonstrating their performance. This allowed Jin Sung to visualize our motors at work on his tricycle, alleviating his concerns.


After receiving the gearless hub motor, Jin Sung was able to continue his design and manufacturing process. A month later, he gave feedback that the tricycle was running well and that the motor had exceeded his expectations. He was particularly impressed with the smooth integration of the motor into his design thanks to the adjustable shaft. He also thanked us for helping him save a lot of time and effort in finding the right motor, which really helped him.

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