Lunyee's 134th Autumn Canton Fair ended with great success

In October 2023, Lunyee was invited to participate in the first phase of the Canton Fair, which lasted for 5 days in Guangzhou. This year's Canton Fair was a large-scale event, gathering many famous enterprises in the industry. Lunyee mainly exhibited electric motorcycles, electric bicycles, electric scooters, hub motors, and rear axle kits. Through the exhibition, Lunyee hopes to further enhance the influence of the enterprise and product's popularity.

Exhibit Highlights

In this exhibition, Lunyee focused on the newly developed electric vehicle series, including many electric two-wheeled vehicles, such as the ET electric motorcycle, the LYM-02 electric motorcycle, and the electric scooter equipped with our own motor and control system, etc. In addition, our motor products and hub motor steering rack kit were also exhibited for the first time, which attracted a lot of attention from professional visitors. In addition, our electric motor products and hub-motor bogie kits were also exhibited for the first time, which attracted a lot of attention from professional visitors.

Exhibition Effect

During the 5-day exhibition period, many industrial customers and professional visitors came to the Lunyee booth to visit and consult. Our professional sales and technical teams were present to explain and demonstrate in detail the technical characteristics and design concepts of each series of products. Through these face-to-face communication opportunities, Lunyee products were highly evaluated and recognized by many people, and we also had in-depth communication with a number of high-quality potential customers and partners and are expected to cooperate with more innovative products in the future.

Employee Performance

All Lunyee staff displayed a highly professional and proactive service spirit in this exhibition. From the pre-show preparation to the reception on the day of the show, every employee tried their best to provide the best quality and considerate service for every customer and create a good brand image and service.


Through this successful participation in the Canton Fair, Lunyee has been recognized by more people. Looking to the future, we will continue to develop and innovate on the basis of this foundation and return the support of our customers and partners with more excellent products.

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