Electric motorcycle motors for the conversion of electric motorcycles

Artur, a personal electric motorcycle enthusiast in Russia, came to us looking to source a higher performance motor to upgrade his existing electric motorcycle. After an in-depth consultation, our team offered a 72V, 8000W, 16-inch hub motor solution.

Customer Needs Analysis

By speaking with Artur, we were able to understand the specifics of Artur's situation. This wasn't the first time he had modified his vehicle; he had previously replaced the motor that came with the car with a standard industrial motor, but he wasn't satisfied with the power and torque output of the modified vehicle. He wanted at least 8,000 W of power and a compact 16-inch wheel motor to get the performance he wanted. High torque is critical for fast acceleration and regenerative braking ability. In addition, the motor's ability to withstand high temperatures and waterproofing were also factors he was looking for, as the vehicle is used more frequently.

Optimization Recommendations

According to his requirements for the performance of electric motorcycle motor, we recommended our 72V8000W brushless hub motors designed for high-power electric vehicles. The motor's shell is made of corrosion-resistant material with an IP65 protection level, and the material is also highly resistant to high temperatures, which greatly reduces the problem of demagnetization due to overheating that leads to a decline in the motor's performance.

Customized solution

Our engineering team specifically asked about his torque needs to maximize torque output for the acceleration, speed, and handling Artur needed. We adjusted the housing, bolt holes, and mounting points to seamlessly integrate into his existing motorcycle frame and suspension system. Additional weatherproof seals also ensure durability in a variety of conditions.

Customer Testimonials

Upon installation, Artur was thrilled with the improved performance of our high powered electric motorcycle motor. It provided the higher acceleration, higher top speed, and regenerative braking improvements he was looking for compared to his previous motor. He appreciated our level of customization and said this was the motor he wanted.

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