Drive axle selection for four-wheel mobility scooters

With the development of motor technology and the transportation industry, there are more and more mobility scooters flooding into people's vision. In addition to two-wheeled and one-wheeled mobility scooters, three-wheeled and four-wheeled mobility scooters have also appeared in people's lives, bringing a lot of convenience to the majority of middle-aged and elderly people. Choosing the right drive axle is crucial to the design of a four-wheeled mobility scooter, which needs to meet the requirements of load capacity, speed, torque, terrain handling, and safety. In this article, we will take a Taiwanese customer as an example to introduce the considerations for four-wheeled mobility scooter drive axle selection.

Factors to consider

This customer is specialized in 4-wheeled mobility scooters and has a large load requirement, which requires that the vehicle can load 300 kg of items and, at the same time, climb up a 10-degree slope. In addition, he wants the vehicle speed to be 20 km/h.We choose the right drive axle according to his needs, and finally, we provide a brushless 48V/1500w drive axle.

Load and speed requirements

To meet his load requirements, the drive axle had to be powerful enough to move heavy passengers and cargo weighing up to 300 kilograms and to achieve the required speed of around 20 km/h, depending on the customer's needs.

Motor-rated power

The 48V, 1500W brushless motor provides a good balance of power and efficiency. Power ratings of 1000–2000W are suitable for most mobility scooter applications. For a given power level, higher-voltage systems allow lower currents.

Motor voltage and current

The motor voltage must be matched to the battery system, typically 24V or 48V. Current consumption depends on power and voltage. For a 1500W motor at 48V, the current is 1500W/48V = 31A. For a given power, a higher voltage will reduce the current.

Axle configuration and length

Drive axle length depends on the customer's frame. The axle mount must be able to withstand torque loads.


The drive system must be watertight, thermally protected, overload protected, etc., and meet applicable safety standards. Regular maintenance helps to maximize service life.


Choosing the right drive axle requires a limited selection of options that can meet the customer's needs.

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