Why do two-wheeled electric vehicles use more hub motors and less mid-mount motors? Insiders tell you

Friends who are a little more careful will find that most of the two-wheeled electric scooters riding on the streets and alleys use hub motors, and there are very few motor models with belts or chains. What is the reason for this? This article will explain this phenomenon.

First, let's analyze the respective advantages and disadvantages of hub motors and mid drive motors.

Use of hub motors

The first is the hub motor, most electric two-wheelers will use a rear-drive setup that combines the rear hub with the motor, and this is also done for a number of reasons.

  1. The structure of the hub motor is simple, using a stator and coil winding, plus a magnet ring and cover, easy to maintain.
  2. The hub motor is not easy to damage, and will only slowly demagnetize, which to a certain extent avoids the electric car due to the motor suddenly lying down and can not go.
  3. Low manufacturing cost, the manufacturing cost of a wheel's motor 400W-2000W is between 100-500 dollars. This is good for manufacturers to reduce manufacturing costs.
  4. The hub motor forms power output through electromagnetic induction, with high efficiency of power conversion.

Use of a mid drive motor

Then, let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of the mid drive motor, which has the advantage of being mounted right under the seat, which allows the front and rear to gain a sense of balance, making the whole car have better handling. It has an independent cooling structure, which will not burn the tires due to the high temperature generated by high-speed driving. There are generally two types of cooling methods: water-cooled and air-cooled.

The structure of the mid drive motor is complex compared to the hub motor, the whole drive system has multiple devices such as the motor, belt and differential, and the production cost of the whole system is also very high. It is about 2-3 times as much as the hub motor. After the center motor is damaged, the cost of repair and replacement is also very expensive.

Demand for use of electric two-wheelers

Most people use two-wheeled electric scooters as daily transportation tools, so they do not need to travel very fast, and the hub motor is enough. The general price of two-wheeled electric mobility scooters is less than 6,000 yuan, the motor cost can not be too high, if replaced with a middle drive motor, the cost of electric vehicles will increase dramatically, which is not conducive to cost control for manufacturers. Therefore, the mid drive motor is generally used in high-end vehicles or vehicles with high speed requirements.


Hub motors and mid drive motors have their advantages and disadvantages. The biggest feature of hub motors is that they have a simple structure and low cost, which is more suitable for low-speed electric vehicles. The mid drive motor has a complex structure and high cost. But with an independent cooling structure, and super performance, suitable for high-speed electric vehicles.

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