Why do electric car rims corrode? The reason is all around us

One day, you ride your bike out for shopping or commuting to work, and suddenly you find that your tires are halfway out of air. You then struggle to push to the nearest car repair store. The repair store owner checked and told you: "To change the rim, you have to wait two days." You are shocked. Why would you change the rims just like that? The boss told you that your rims are corroded, in addition to being replaced in no other way, and finally, you have no choice but to accept the reality that you spent a few hundred dollars to change a rim.The above cases are far from fictional and do happen to all of us. So why do rims corrode? The reason is in the self-replenishing fluid.

What is a self-replenishing fluid?

Maybe you don't know it, but the repairer knows it well. The main function of self-repairing liquid is vacuum tire repair, which has been favored by white users and car dealership bosses because of many advantages such as simple operation, no need to remove the wheel, and being short and time-consuming. Self-repairing fluid requires no repair experience and is very efficient, but it can cause damage to the wheel rim.If you have a steel rim, self-replenishing fluid will simply cause it to rust. But the worst part lies in the fact that steel rims are made of a heavier material, so most of the e-bikes on the market nowadays are made of a much lighter aluminum alloy, and self-replenishing fluid will irreparably corrode the rims made of this material. After prolonged use, the rim of the rim will leak, followed by the scene at the beginning of this post.


So after using the self-replenishing solution, is it really beyond saving? Of course not!First of all, it takes time for self-replenishing fluid to corrode, if we clean the rims every six months, the self-replenishing fluid will produce very little damage to them. Secondly, even if the rim is corroded, sometimes it is not necessary to replace the rim, it is possible to add a liner tire, which will reduce your loss to a great extent.


Although self-repairing fluid is on the harmful side, electric car repair stores basically use it, so if you also need to repair your vacuum tires, there are other repair methods that you can have your master use. If you have now used self-repairing fluid, it is recommended that you find time to clean the rims.

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